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Sales Accountability

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    February 8, 2020 6:48 PM PST

     Can someone help me? I am looking for a form a sales person could use to complete detailing their sales calls each day. I am curious how other sales managers stay on top of what their sales people do on a daily basis.? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks   Mark Layne

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    February 11, 2020 10:20 AM PST

    Mark, answering your question, as asked, here's a picture of the form I used many, many years ago. The lines were for planning sales activity, the box was for noting anything that didn't go as planned, and the reverse side of the sheet (laid out identically to the front) was for follow-ups that would be made the following week. This provided a headstart to planning the following week's activities. It was simple, flexible, and assuming people were using it as intended, accurate.

    I would also suggest that you contact Rick Murphy or Ryan Murphy and ask them about their Influence FM CRM software.

    But I'm also curious as to what is your purpose in wanting this form. Are salespeople not doing their jobs? Do they need close monitoring and supervision to be sure they're completing assigned tasks. And if they aren't successful, is it due to a lack of effort, a lack of training, a deficiency in their understanding of how advertising works, a character defect, or something else? Is the form primarily for your benefit, to monitor how your salespeople are spending their time. It's an inference one might draw from " other sales managers stay on top of what their sales people do on a daily basis." Are you wanting to make sure that each salesperson is calling on 10 clients a day or whatever?

    Such a report could also be for the purpose of coaching, obviously, working with your people to help you both recognize patterns that may be limiting their effectiveness. This is more of a partnership effort than a top-down inspection.

    The measurement that ultimately matters, of course, is the billing figure at the end of the month. Is it stable? Growing? Declining? The numbers tell us a lot, if not everything.

    How an individual achieves success varies from one salesperson to another. One may rely more heavily on promotions; another might focus on creating exceptional commercials and campaigns for their clients. One may lean toward transactional price-and-item boilerplate, while another focuses on long-range customer bonding and relationship-building. One may be spending a disproportionate amount of time researching facts and trends related to his advertiser so that their eventual meeting is more productive.

    It used to be that salespeople would drive to the office, maybe attend a brief sales meeting, go out and make calls in person or from their desk on a phone, do the paperwork at the office, prepare a plan for the next day, and leave. Cell phones, personal computers, laptops and tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, etc. have effectively cut the tether from the office.

    Anyhow, I look forward to hearing from other members on this.

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    February 21, 2020 4:16 AM PST

    Sellers are not big on reporting and often feel threatened being ask to  qualify their work schedule but ....!  The sheet above from Rod is wonderful .. basically you need to know who they called on .. was it a drop in or confirmed appointment .. what the meeting produced .. the next step and a time table for the next step .. might also put a percentage on closing .. basically you need detail .. in short form .. of what the seller is doing daily .. all calls need to be logged .. phone .. email .. text .. personal .. etc.  Seller can turn in the report at the end of each day or weekly.  Sellers will not like it but you are entitled to know what a seller does with their time each day and how they intend to reach their goals.  Sellers should go into the month with no less than 70% of their monthly goal .. spend the first 2 weeks filling in the next 20% and then move on to the following month .. the remaining 10% will kinda fall in during the last two weeks of the month.  Do remember that 80% of a stations revenue is produced by 20% of your sales force! 

    Have a great day .. Tom Collins

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    February 21, 2020 10:35 AM PST

    From Mary Lanoue-Gers: I've been selling for the same group for 28 years - if I had to turn in a daily call report I would have quit years ago, We turn in a weekly pending report with info on progress on our target accounts, digital sales, spot and event pending and prospects - it's an online form that has our billing automatically updated by management (comptroller). Micro management is the worst thing you can do to a sales team. Weekly reports and a weekly meeting with direct supervisor (in my case my GSM) are OK - I have billed around $2.5 million for the past several years and never had to turn in a daily call log - use that for rookies if you need to micro manage - but leave the veterans alone. We know what we need to do to hit our goals and if we need help I can assure you that we will ask for it. Daily call reports are archaic!!