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A Cancellation Email...

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    March 19, 2020 8:59 AM PDT

    From a local RV dealer to all his media contacts (group email) - unedited:

    "The government and the media have done a fantastic job of creating mass hysteria and panic across the United States crippling the local and national economy.  This is NOT the bubonic plague or a zombie apocalypse like it seems its being portrayed as with all the negative information being poured out there everyday.  Not only is this crippling the economy and causing mass hysteria the government and media must not be taking in consideration the effect all this negativity is stressing out and effecting all of our children, I myself with my 4 kids in the house have to constantly answer questions such as, are we all gonna die? are our pets gonna die, is the world gonna run out of food? Just to name a few concerns and questions the kids have.  Great Job government and media!!!
    With all that being said, as far as our business at __________RV is concerned this has all made it a ghost town out here.  So we have NO CHOICE but to shut down ALL advertising effective immediately.  There is no sense in continuing to try to send out our positive advertising message when its falling on deaf ears, just to hard to compete with all the DOOM AND GLOOM the public is being bombarded with from the government and media.  We cant pay the advertising bills if we have no business coming in.
    So until the messages being sent out to our community and country changes its tune and gives people HOPE AND POSITIVENESS and tries to get this economy going again, instead of having people stay home and hide their heads under a pillow, we will just stop advertising.
    If I sound frustrated, you bet I am, pretty disappointed as well in how this country, government and media is handling this situation.
    So again cancel all advertising until further notice, once the things change I will let you know and we can at that point reconfigure our advertising budget accordingly to hopefully get things rolling again.
    Any questions feel free to call me.
    Thank you
    My reply to the salesman who received this: "An RV dealer, of all people, should recognize that his product offers welcome freedom to travel and stay in places others can't. What a waste of an opportunity!"

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    March 20, 2020 11:15 AM PDT

    Here's another exchange:

    AGENCY:  I wanted to check to see if we could pause the radio spots until May. At this point with the practice only being able to see emergency patients, general ads are not the best. We are also looking to cut expenses in the next month. This will allow us to purchase possible ads in the fall with the station.


    Short answer: yes, I can put the schedule on hiatus until you're ready to resume it.
    Longer answer: I would urge you to consider, rather than disappearing from the airwaves, that we craft a message better suited to the current reality. I've been working at this all week with different clients. Why?
    1. It's been proven time and time again that businesses that continue to advertise during a recession (of whatever sort), preserving their share of voice in the marketplace, not only benefit during the downtime but when the economy comes back, their market share grows at a much greater rate than that of competitors who pulled back. I could send you dozens of articles, but this one from Forbes will suffice.
    2. I suspect that (Clients) have already seen some tangible response to their advertising. Having begun their campaign weeks ago, they've already become a part of our listeners' daily routine. (Clients) are inserting themselves into listeners' daily lives, having a conversation with them. People who had no reason to think of them before now have occasion to think of them daily. (Clients) are becoming familiar voices, familiar personalities, with a group of former strangers. That's huge! But disappearing from the air now quickly erases those gains (like sliding down to the bottom of the hill; the ground lost will have to be retaken), diminishing the value of the investment already made rather than preserving and building upon it. I think that would be a shame but that's your call to make, not mine.
    3. This is a unique and momentous opportunity to be letting listeners know that Dr. ______ and his staff are ready to respond immediately to dental emergencies, in an environment that exceeds the most stringent CDC guidelines. It's an opportunity to remind the community to take extra care to practice good dental hygiene (brushing after every meal, flossing daily, etc., etc.), along with any additional tips they might have to offer. The effect of such messages coming from (Client) is far, far more valuable to the practice, now and in the long run, than simply disappearing. 
    So, that's my thinking. Please don't assume that I'm merely being self-serving in urging you to reconsider.  That's not the case.  I'd be happy to help with the messaging if desired. Otherwise, as I said, I'll put the ads on hiatus until you're ready to start again.  I'm standing by to respond, either way.