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Station Annoucement for Organizing Community Help

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    March 20, 2020 12:49 AM PDT
    From Rick Murphy: This is an announcement we are airing on our stations. Feel free to edit and use it on your stations

    We live in a democracy where we have the freedom to help ourselves, to be leaders on the front line, without relying on top-down solutions from the federal government to protect us.
    That’s especially important now, during the Coronavirus pandemic.
    You may be organizing a group to deliver food, prescriptions or supplies to our elderly neighbors who can’t leave their house. You may be collecting food to help people who can’t afford to stock up and must rely on one of our local food banks to feed their families.
    I can do my part by offering free air time on my community radio stations to those individuals or groups who want to enlist the help of our listeners to provide for our friends, families and neighbors in need right now.
    Murphy Broadcasting has created an online site named Twounce dot com that makes it easy and convenient to make a 25-second announcement from your computer or phone that we’ll air on our stations, absolutely free. It’s as easy as leaving a voicemail.
    Radio is America’s most popular audio source that reaches the most people at any given time, day or night. Use our stations for free to reach listeners with your ideas.
    However you want to help your community, now - on Twounce dot com, you can share your information and direct listeners on how they can lend a hand.
    Be the leader on the front line to protect your friends and neighbors. Please share your leadership ideas on our radio stations on Twounce dot com. Go to Twounce dot com and leave your call to action.