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What Businesses Need To Be Saying Right Now!

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    March 24, 2020 6:10 AM PDT

    What do businesses need to be saying right now?


    A relevant advertising message that addresses the new realities of closures, quarantines, and business not-as-usual.  At minimum, the information businesses need to provide is:


    I. What are they doing to serve their customers’ needs while they’re closed?  (We’re doing things differently for a while.)

    • Are they working at the store/shop/office, even though closed to public?
    • Are they working from a remote location?
    • How can customers can connect or interact with them while they’re closed?
    • Phone? (Voice, text, what numbers?)
    • Email? (How often checked?)
    • Can customers shop online? (Is website chat available?)
    • What additional help/information is available at website?
    • For all of the above, what’s the target or estimated wait time for a response?


    II. Offer a personal message of encouragement to let customers know that they’re not alone in this, preferably in the advertiser’s own voice and words. Examples:

    • We realize this situation is unprecedented, inconvenient, difficult, and frustrating. But we’re in this together, so let’s work together to help each other, as neighbors and fellow citizens.
    • Share stories, especially ones that offer humor, cheer, inspiration, or edification. Maybe a favorite Bible verse, poem, or anecdote. Anything to make a connection and engage in a positive way.
    • Remember that “sheltering in place” doesn’t mean complete isolation. Use your phone to stay in touch with friends. Make an extra effort to reach out to seniors and others who may be living alone.
    • Resources are available to help with personal, financial, and physical, mental, and spiritual health issues during the crisis. (Even if others are providing this information, it doesn’t hurt to share it yourself.)
    • If you’re unable to work and looking for something to do with your time, consider volunteering, making yourself available for delivery or some other needed service. Call your local hospital, school, or nonprofit and ask how you can be of help.


    III. This is not a time to be silent, but to be present, in touch, and actively engaged with your customers and community.

    • Don’t go dark.
    • Don’t stop communicating.
    • Eventually, things will return to normal and the businesses that maintain (or even increase) their share of voice will see their share of market rebound, as well, as has been abundantly documented in previous downturns in the economy.

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