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Advertising Change In Business Model For Clients

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    March 25, 2020 9:52 AM PDT

    My clients are scared. It's not that they don't see the need to communicate with their customer base, it's that they are trying to preserve dollars to stay afloat and hopefully not lose employees. They see even a month-long schedule as 'iffy' as things change daily.

    What is your station doing on a short-term advertising basis to get the terrified business owners to see advertising now as an investment in their business?

    My initial thought is not selling commercials but rather listings. For example, for a reasonable chunk of change we list up to 5 businesses of a certain category, the hours and how to do business with them. The 'listing' would run several times a day. For example, now that all restaurants are drive-through, home delivery or curb service, we'd list the hours, website and contact info on air and maintain a list on our station website for a low monthly rate. This can be utilized for various categories of essential businesses that will remain open. 

    What are your ideas?  Thank you.

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    March 27, 2020 7:20 AM PDT

    Hi Bill,

    Our station generally tries to stay away from "package pushing" but in these times we had to come up with a new idea to let businesses know we care about them and to let them know who to call when everything settles back to normal.

    We came up with and idea kind of like a business of the day but we called it the "Business Booster". We are in transition of adding digital as an option to our clients. So for the booster they have a choice of picking one day in the month of April to be the Business Booster. They will be featured that day with mentions during heavy drive times on one of our 9 stations, a :30 video posted to the respective social media page, a link on the respective website, and 4 commercials per day during the week they are the Business Booster M-S. We are giving the digital for free since we are working on updating that option. The client is paying for the commercials at 50% off regular rate. They can choose multiple days throughout the month.

    We are hoping that this is a great way for clients to tell clients either what they are doing during the crisis, i.e. curbside pick up, order online, are they considered an essential business, etc. We are just trying to come up with ideas to make us different from everyone else in the business. We are a mid size market so creativity is crucial right now. 

    I hope that helps