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Borrell Associates: Why Ideas Are the New Currency

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    March 31, 2020 11:19 AM PDT

    Gordon Borrell's podcast on "Crisis Marketing" explores why IDEAS are the new currency in advertising sales.

    Amid our pandemic paralysis, local marketers are self-isolating into one of two categories: Those who see an opportunity to shine, and those who don't. Marketing ideas are in high demand for both. If you want to open their doors, you'd better come with three ideas in your back pocket (and maybe a gift-wrapped can of Lysol.) Gordon & Corey are joined by Borrell Associates President Jim Brown in this fast-paced "give us your best ideas" episode. The show features a phone call with Matt Coen, co-founder of the quintessential cool-promotions company, Second Street Media.

    Nugget for a jewelry store: one of the hosts had been planning a 30th anniversary trip (to Italy!) with his wife. They'd saved the money for it. Now he's planning to spend some of the money on a "nice piece of jewelry" to commemorate the occasion.

    Timely ideas from Matt Coen: "Show Us Your New Co-workers" (your work-at-home companions): send pics to the radio station, which puts them up on their website. Sponsored by a veterinarian.  

    It's a 25-minute episode. Listen here.


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