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New $$$ - Saluting High School Grads on the Air

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    May 4, 2020 4:07 PM PDT

    High School graduations won't be taking place in the traditional way this year, with multitudes assembled in a gymnasium or auditorium and graduates walking up the aisle to receive their diplomas.

    But, your local business community can show their appreciation for this year's high school graduates by saluting them on the air.

    GBS's SALUTE TO THE CLASS OF 2020 was created to address this year's new reality. This market-exclusive series contains 20 fully-produced 30-second features, each with room at the end for a short sponsor tag. Sell one feature to each of 30 sponsors, or rotate multiple sponsors through all features.

    Selling this over the phone is easy. Just play a demo, read the sponsor's tag copy, and give them their package options. (Learn more by downloading the GBS Telemarketing Success Tips here.)

    At least a couple stations have told us about their success in pitching businesses in their communities via email. Here's a sample we received from one of them:

    This has been a tough year, but it has been especially tough on our GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS. After twelve years of school they were counting on finishing their classes, saying goodbye to their friends, and graduating in front of their cheering families.

    Now you can show your support with our “SALUTE TO THE CLASS OF 2020” Campaign. ____ Radio is producing 20 different graduation salutes to be broadcast during this graduation season and your business can participate. I have attached a demo of one of those announcements so you can get an idea of how they work. Also, I have included some sample scripts to get you thinking about what you’d like to say on your announcement. Finally, of course, the price of the campaign, you may choose from three very affordable options.

    Please let me know immediately if you’d like to participate. Just respond to my email address with “CLASS 2020” in the subject line. Thanks and stay healthy!

    The station attached the audio demo, several pieces of sample tag copy, and their 3 financially-sized packages. Here are some of their sample scripts:

    1. Bean’s Hardware in Beaverdam is proud to salute the Hanover County
    graduating classes of 2020! If you know hardware, then you know Bean’s.
    Main Street in Beaverdam!

    2. Little Tire and Auto salutes the graduating seniors at all of the area high
    schools! Drop off and we’ll service your vehicle. When you think safety on
    the highway, think Little Tire and Auto in Midlothian!

    3. This salute from the folks at Hometown Restaurant on Main Street in Glen
    Allen! Pick up and delivery available. Chef Francois and his/her staff wish
    our graduates of (put your favorite high school name here) every success in
    the future!

    Another station put together a short, simple video with the demo and sales presentation attached. What an engaging way to present the opportunity!


    If ever there were a year to take a proactive approach to partnering with local businesses to salute your High School Graduates on the air, this is it!