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Friday Poll: Replacing Lost Billing from Canceled Events

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    July 9, 2020 11:55 PM PDT

    Sadly, in the wake of COVID-19, canceled events have become the norm.

    What is your station doing to replace billing that has been lost from canceled fairs, festivals, concerts, and other community events?

    We look forward to reading your replies - thank you!


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  • July 13, 2020 4:54 AM PDT

    WLSC Tiger Radio simple created our own festival.  We produce a weekly live show called "Down at the Barbershop".  As the name implies, the program originates from a local barbershop.  The show features live music from local artists. Due to government mandates, babrbershops were closed and when they finally opened there were limitations on capacity......So, we moved the show outside.  I already owned a 26 foot stage which features a facade of a mountain cabin.  It looks like the front porch of an old country cabin.  Trust me, it's cool.

    We set up our stage under a really old elm tree for shade and implemented social distancing measure.  We essentially told folks to bring their own chair.  We always provide a free RC Cola and Moon Pie for all our visitors, so we implemented a hand sanitizing station.  Guess what happened after 3 weeks?

    The city and chamber of commerce were going to do a "grand re-opening ribbon cutting" to promote business.  They moved that event to coincide with our live show.  Now, the city is bringing in picnic tables and they've cleaned up an adjoining alley.  They have already put in new sod.  This week they are putting in a covering to combat the hot southern sun.  Why?  

    Starting this Friday, we are opening a farmers market.  There will also be vendors, too.  The cool thing is that the vendors are kids who participated in an entrepreneur fair last year.  Right now, we have 6 vendors, including a kid who is making fresh lemonade.

    Since moving outside, our live audience has grown.  Can you believe that after 4 years on the air there are still folks in our area who had no idea what we were doing?  We had to change and we had to do it quickly, but things are working out for WLSC Tiger Radio.  You could say, when we got lemons, we made lemonade....but we certainly don't wanna compete with that little kid.

    You can listen to our live show on Fridays, 10 am - Noon (Eastern) at

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    July 13, 2020 12:49 PM PDT

    LOVE THIS, Jack!!!! Thanks for sharing!