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For The New Salesperson

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    January 8, 2021 4:16 PM PST

    I went kicking and screaming to sales from behind the microphone. I believed I was just not a salesman. Luckily I had a good boss.

    My first lesson was: don't go after the sale. Take an attitude of working for your client's continued success and the sales will come.

    Invest time to get to know the client and more importantly let them get to know you. They will need time to build a relationship and build trust. It was described as dating. One date doesn't wind up at the alter. Count on 5 to 7 visits to be known and remembered. Always distinguish yourself as being willing to work harder. The person that goes above and beyond doesn't get the axe when cuts are made.

    Listen. Write things down. Say their words in your visits so they know you are listening.

    Be honest and beyond reproach. Have the guts to look the client in the eye on results. Have the guts to attempt persuading the client when they are headed in the wrong direction. I can say this: if radio doesn't work it's always the message. If you let the client send out the wrong message, it is next to impossible to get them to try radio again.

    Be consistent. Check with your clients regularly. Feel free to bring them an idea. The truth is they likely have thought of it or tried it, but that's not the point. It shows them you are thinking about them and are in sync with them. 

    I like to put my client first and the radio station second. I believe if I do the best for my client, my station with have a regular customer. 

    Don't be afraid to acknowledge other media. I never tell clients they made a mistake in their media choices. I simply acknowledge other media as good choices and then try to sway the dollars to the plan I want to sell (and that lets some dollars go elsewhere).


    It might feel like it goes very slowly but it will pay off. Don't be discouraged. For every no, it means that yes is so much closer. 

    And if you visit and your client is acting like a jerk, quickly retreat and come back another time. Some clients have really rough days. Don't take it personally. Where that has happened to me, that client and I went on to an exceptional relationship.

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    January 11, 2021 11:55 AM PST

    Bill, great advice - thank you for this thoughtful post!