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Building Sales Increases in 2021

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    February 5, 2021 11:43 AM PST

    Replacing lost dollars due to Covid meant getting a bit more creative and thinking outside the box.

    The station I worked for went to those who weren't frequent radio users. Two examples:  a solar company and a water well drilling company. 

    Getting creative with traditional advertisers. Restaurants took it hard last year. I found a few ready to ask for the business. From a creative standpoint, I proposed 6 lunch specials for $6 served at your table within 6 minutes. I figured 6 is a perfect number after hearing to stay 6 feet away from everyone. The concept was why settle for fast food when you can enjoy a wholesome home cooked meal for a fast food price served quickly enough that you don't have to rush through your meal to get back to the office in time. The 6 lunch specials took a 'haircut' of 95 cents to $1.95 but they are the most popular menu items for the lunch run. With restaurants at 50% capacity, it was not overwhelming for the staff to have your meal in front of you within 6 minutes.

    In an attempt to bolster per client spending, I looked for a 50% increase in co-op spending for 2021 in order to offer those little PR packages we sell through the year and high school sports at 50% of the usual rate. All in all the client pays 25% more monthly to get advertising that not only keeps them top of mind but infiltrates their good name in many areas of the average person's life. I don't have to cave on the rate per unit because the co-op makes up for the discount. In other words, I just played with the numbers. 

    For those that were sporadic advertisers, I suggested they pick a monthly number and go all year long. For most, it was about a 20% increase over the prior year.

    Something unique I suggested and got approval on is the NO PENALTY CANCELLATION. Sign up for a year and if you ever get uncomfortable, we'll tear up the contract and hope to earn your business in the future. My thought is once we become a staple monthly expense, we stay put. When a client asks why the no penalty cancellation, I say because it puts all the responsibility on us to produce the results you need. I say we couldn't operate with or without a no penalty cancellation if we didn't produce results. I say it puts things back on us to earn that annual contract every day and that's where the responsibility should be. That statement alone increased the number of annuals I sell. By the way, all annuals assume a 'until further notice' on their anniversary. I explain that as a protection from rate increases. I find once you become part of the monthly operation expense like the rent or light bill, they stick. As of yet, nobody has cancelled, 18 months running.

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    February 16, 2021 4:21 PM PST


    I'm a little late in replying to this, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing these ideas! I love the $6/6-minute specials for the restaurant, and the no-penalty cancellation idea for annual contracts.

    Way to go in serving your customers and making up for lost revenue!