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Always Ask What They Want To Spend

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    June 6, 2022 5:49 PM PDT

    I remember when I first began in sales 35 years back, my boss said to always ask what the client wanted to spend each month. It's one of those basic questions you never skip but sometimes after doing this so long, we want to skip steps to get to the close. I sometimes want to skip steps. 


    Two weeks back I met with an air conditioning and heating company. They were obviously family owned and operated, running out of a portable building and a couple of tin buildings. I sized them up as spending $200-$300 a month. But I stopped myself. 


    I said why do you choose to begin advertising now? They had been around 12 years and were ready to dominate in the market. My client had researched all the local media options and want to put their money on us. I said it was always best to advertise every day to stay top of mind and given the slow and busy months, what is an amount he's like to allocate to us. He blurts out $2,000. I ask if that's per year or month. He clarifies "per month".


    Well, this is small market radio and for $1,250 a month I can have him dominating in this market. He loved the idea I left dollars on the table. I could have taken it all but honestly, once you hit $1,250 you are at the top with our station. 


    He is signed up for a year and currently running.


    Had I not returned to the basics I may have pitched $200 or $250 a month. Considering the size of the company and look of the building, $200 a month would be average.


    Except for two banks, no other client spends at this level monthly.  

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    June 7, 2022 12:14 PM PDT

    Thanks for sharing, Bill - that is fantastic . . . and a great lesson!

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    July 8, 2022 10:17 AM PDT

    I would go a step further and ask "What do you want to accomplish?"  Because let's face it, people who know their business but THINK they know advertising often have incredibly unrealistic expectations.  Get the answers to BOTH questions, and you have a good chance of getting a good sale, and KEEPING them on their air for years to come.