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Invite your friends to join

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    August 11, 2010 3:24 PM PDT

    I have been in many radio organizations over the years.  I used to go to NAB and RAB simply to network with smart people and learn from them.  At one time I belonged to the International Broadcasters Idea Bank and I have been in a few 20 groups.  I have been to one of my state association meetings...  we don't have a very good state association.  However I am also a member of the West Virginia Broadcasters Assn., I have attended the Michigan Broadcasters meeting (one of the BEST) and I have attending Illlinois state meeting.  I don't really care who the speakers are.... the owners, managers, sales people and talent I meet in the halls make it worth going for me because EVERYONE there knows SOMETHING I don't know.


    What we have here at the Radio Sales Cafe' is a virtual convention every day of the week.  You have every kind of person in here from old dogs to young pups and everyone has an opinion.  While you may not agree with a particular opinion, you may pick something up from it.


    This organization is only as strong as its membership and the more members it has, the more ideas and opinions will be shared.  So tonight, get out your Radio Rolodex and invite everyone you know in the business to join.  Remember... every person you bring in brings something to the organization.



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    August 11, 2010 4:36 PM PDT
    Chris, thank you so much for your post . . . and for all of YOUR valuable contributions to the Café!

    ~ Rebecca
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    August 11, 2010 5:32 PM PDT

    Just echoing what I posted on FB, since we have quite a few members here who don't get our FB feeds.

    Thank you for your kind words about RSC and your own stellar contributions in the forums and discussions, as well as the sales training videos you share with us.

    This is a unique and special community. I'm constantly amazed at the helpfulness and graciousness of our members toward one another, their thoughtful answers to questions and generous responses to requests for help, suggestions, ideas, etc.

    After I'd been in the business for a few years (in the early- and mid-70's), I came to view our industry as very special, one that provided an abundance of opportunities for career growth for anyone with the attitude and aptitude to pursue them. Thirty-seven years later, the members of RSC continue to demonstrate just how special our medium and industry truly are.

    Thanks again for your post, Chris!