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  • Scott Howard
    Scott Howard wrote a new blog entry:
    Why Radio is Personal To Me
    • Feb 10
  • Jim Kipping
    Jim Kipping wrote a new blog entry:
    Realtors Using Local Radio
    • August 2, 2018
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    • Jim Kipping
      Rod Schwartz Great post, Jim. Enjoyed the spots you created. Would you consider uploading them to the RSC Commercials Library, as well, so that members searching for ideas in the future might easily find them? (To do so, just click on "Commercials" in the menu bar and upload the spots.

      The technique you used, which you also described in your post, is painstaking and time-consuming. But it's so effective!

      I've had the pleasure of working with two Realtor clients over the past ten or fifteen years ( and in both cases, their radio advertising campaigns have been instrumental to their accelerated growth to dominance in the marketplace.

      Radio can work wonders for real estate professionals.
      • August 4, 2018