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  • Scott Howard
    Scott Howard wrote a new blog entry:
    Why Radio is Personal To Me
    • Feb 10
  • Rod Schwartz
    Rod Schwartz wrote a new blog entry:
    How Much Repetition Does an Advertiser Need?
    • August 3, 2018
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    • Rod Schwartz
      Bill Turner Wonderful article and so very true. Too much emphasis is placed on selling promotions and price and item when what the most compelling message we can communicate is reinforcing the power of top of mind awareness. I talk to lots of non-commercial FMs who seem to get bogged down in writing the aired message. I tell them they offer top of mind awareness and a business should be placing an audio business card in listener's ears frequently that says what they want to be known for. What you describe here is the most important factor in advertising and we tend to obscure it with other advertising options. In my book,it's the cake and everything else is simply the icing.
    • Rod Schwartz
      Bill Turner To keep the name out there I like selling news, traffic, weather and features to bolster frequency. Anything that pushes the business name and the words they are known for really helps get the frequency up there to remain top of mind.