• Created May 13 by Rod Schwartz

    Here are two of the promo spots we're airing for Foodie Bingo. See the discussion of the promotion in the COVID-19 ROUND TABLE.

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  • Created Apr 9 by Rod Schwartz

    I had the opportunity to interview several registered dieticians at our local hospital, in preparation for a radio campaign for March - National Nutrition Month. The spots had to be shelved temporarily in favor of COVID-19 spots, but will hit the airwaves at an appropriate time.

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    Nutrition Month - Registered Dieticians Speak
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  • Created Apr 4 by Rod Schwartz

    This company has sponsored the GBS Easter Treasures features every year for at least 15-20 years. This year, with public church services banned due to COVID-19, his message is a little different. Here are two examples.

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    Easter Treasures - Sponsored by local HVAC company
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  • Created Apr 3 by Kasey Cain

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    COVID-19 Sample Spots
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  • Created Mar 24 by Rod Schwartz

    A collection of commercials and PSA's being produced by and for local businesses and organizations in the context of coronavirus restrictions.

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  • Created Mar 16 by Rod Schwartz

    In response to the coronavirus scare, this local supermarket is offering online shopping and free local delivery to all community residents.

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    Dissmore's IGA - FREE DELIVERY
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  • Created Mar 16 by Rod Schwartz

    Our station's response to the government-mandated shut-down to the public of all bars and restaurants in Washington State is two-fold. We're encouraging listeners to support local restaurants during this crisis by ordering take-out or delivery. And we're running free announcements like this one.

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    Free Advertising for Local Restaurants
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  • Created Mar 6 by Rod Schwartz

    Commercials featuring the owners of a local hometown supermarket.

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    Dissmore's IGA - Archie and Shelley
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  • Created October 14, 2019 by Rod Schwartz

    A catchy jingle, the bank president, and Rodney Dangerfield

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    Bank of Pullman
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  • Created October 11, 2019 by Rod Schwartz

    Full-sing jingle I wrote over 25 years ago, still getting results for the advertiser.

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    Myers Auto Rebuild and Towing
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