• Created Feb 6 by Rod Schwartz

    RE: "How Many Ads Is Too Many?" Would YOU switch stations during this commercial break?

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    Commercial Break Illustration
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  • Created Jan 22 by Rod Schwartz

    Based on Jerry Lee's second rule for writing engaging radio ads ("Never use a commercial that has only one voice."), I've been creating more two-voice spots. Here are some recent examples.

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    Two-voice Banter Spots
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  • Created November 12, 2018 by Rod Schwartz

    Recycling markets have gone to hell in a handbasket. China no longer accepts many recyclables, resulting in higher consumer costs. Our local garbage hauler is trying to educate consumers on what they can and can't recycle via these radio ads, voiced by the client himself.

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    "Clean, Dry, and Empty"
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  • Created August 30, 2018 by Rod Schwartz

    Here are some highlights of my conversation with Jerry Lee on his fascination with advertising, how he was introduced to Dan Hill's Sensory Logic and the science of facial coding, and his tips for creating engaging radio commercials.

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  • Created August 28, 2018 by william schenold

    Impress that woman of yours! Order in Spanish!

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    Mexican Cuisine
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  • Created August 21, 2018 by william schenold

    Getting your car repaired should not entail a 3-ring ordeal!

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    Car Repair Circus
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  • Created August 21, 2018 by william schenold

    We ride the subway in Grand Rapids to find out how the stations signal comes in down underground.

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    Down in the subway
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  • Created August 21, 2018 by william schenold

    Our prospective client ends up in a very hot spot because he refused to advertise!

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    Retail Hell
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  • Created August 13, 2018 by Rod Schwartz

    Some of the radio commercials I've created over the past 20+ years to promote the National Lentil Festival in Pullman, Washington.

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    National Lentil Festival Radio Commercials
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  • Created July 28, 2018 by Rod Schwartz

    Three of Joy Golden's classic "Laughing Cow Cheese" commercials, as fresh and funny today as they were when they first aired in the mid-1980's. Learn more about Joy Golden here:

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    Joy Golden - Laughing Cow Cheese
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