Myers Auto Rebuild and Towing

Full-sing jingle I wrote over 25 years ago, still getting results for the advertiser.

Created October 11, 2019 by Rod Schwartz
Myers Auto Rebuild and Towing
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  • Kurt Kaniewski
    Kurt Kaniewski Rob's dead on when referring to repetition (after all, frequency sells). I do believe, in case I've not stated my thoughts correctly, that variety within the SAME campaign does keep things fresh over time-as long as you're staying consistent with the established theme. If/and/or/when the client changes ad copy the familiarity of the established jingle is a great thread to keep going. And, as Rob says, if it ain't broke don't fix it-particularly when that ad keeps customers coming back. I posted a similar ad on the cafe a while back for a client in Dayton. Produced in the early 2000's it's still got a ways to go reaching the consumer embrace of the Myers jingle. But it does speak well to when you've got a winner on your hands, familiarity isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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