• Created July 9, 2018 by Kiko Oliver

    Some examples of Restaurant/Bar and grill ads we've produced.

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  • Created July 9, 2018 by Kiko Oliver

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  • Created July 9, 2018 by Kiko Oliver

    Examples of radio commercials with multiple voices

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  • Created June 27, 2018 by Rod Schwartz

    Collection of locally produced radio commercials for candidates. Dan Foreman wrote and voiced his own spot for May 2018 primary. All other spots were for first-time candidates. Note the use of unscripted voices of citizen-supporters. All these candidates using radio won their respective elections.

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    Political Advertising - Candidate Campaigns on Radio
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  • Created April 6, 2018 by Kay McLoughlin

    A local construction company wanted to let people know that the training arm of their business wasn't just for builders. We have created two adverts for them so far with a David Attenborough theme.

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    Walker Training - David Attenborough themed
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  • Created April 3, 2018 by Rod Schwartz

    A few examples from a campaign I created for a local law firm, to boost awareness of the firm through an ongoing series of legal education spots.

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    "That's the Law"
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  • Created March 24, 2018 by Rod Schwartz

    A variety of commercials intended to influence or effect social, political, civic, or cultural change, including advertising to elect a political candidate, save an institution, promote a cause, or win support for an agenda.

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    Guerrilla Marketing on Radio
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  • Created March 15, 2018 by Rod Schwartz

    Dr. James P. DeVleming has been airing these on a daily basis for nearly 25 years. It's an idea easily adapted to an optometrist in your market - or any other local "expert" who wants to grow his TOMA and business with a powerful, consistent branding campaign. We change the copy ever 3 weeks or so.

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    "Ask (Your Eye Care Professional)"
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  • Created March 9, 2018 by Rod Schwartz

    Excerpts from Jim Williams' classic radio sales training, 1975 - 1995

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    The Sales Wisdom of James Riley Williams
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  • Created February 7, 2018 by william schenold

    Uncle Louis talks to you fro Heaven about buying a car.

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    Car Dealer Uncle Louis
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