• Created February 7, 2018 by william schenold

    Here's a selection of on-air sales promos that are sure to catch an advertisers ear.

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    Creative On-air Sales Promos
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  • Created February 5, 2018 by Rod Schwartz

    How one plumber uses radio to get prospective customers to effortlessly memorize his phone number through repetition of a catchy tune.

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    Ken Paulson Plumbing jingle
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  • Created February 5, 2018 by Rod Schwartz

    A few of the many spots I've written over the years for a local automobile service shop that specializes in maintenance and repair of imports.The proprietor voices all of his own commercials (except for the tag). His campaign is a mix of auto care tips and image ads, all in service to the brand.

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    Imported Car Service
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  • Created February 2, 2018 by Rod Schwartz

    A montage of a few of the jingles I've helped create for local clients, along with the :30-second full sing version of the remarkably long-lived Myers Auto Rebuild and Towing spot.

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    Jingles that Work
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  • Created December 15, 2017 by Rod Schwartz

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    "Shop Pullman First" (holiday shop local)
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  • Created December 15, 2017 by Rod Schwartz

    Four spots submitted by RSC member Rick Murphy of Murphy Broadcasting in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

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    Radio vs. Social Media
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  • Created December 12, 2017 by Rod Schwartz

    60 and 30-second spots for local jewelry store's holiday sale.

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    Sam Dial Jewelers Holiday Sale
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  • Created November 8, 2017 by Rod Schwartz

    Provided to RSC members courtesy of Creative Radio Jingles, St. Cloud, Minnesota.

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    Creative Radio's RADIO WORKS Jingle Campaign
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  • Created September 30, 2017 by Rod Schwartz

    Elements of a 9-min. station presentation using the Radio Gets Results campaign. (Audio quality isn't great, coming from a 20-year-old cassette, but the content is what really matters here.) Note the advertisers' favorable comparisons of radio to newspaper, direct mail, and coupons.

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    Radio Gets Results - Station Presentation
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  • Created September 21, 2017 by Rod Schwartz

    DeVito/Verdi's award-winning spot for the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, a 2006 Radio Mercury Grand Prize winner.

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