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What's the most important part of a successful RADIO ad?

All of these tasks should be carried out by industry professionals. Once you have chosen please tell everyone why.
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  • John Glavin
    John Glavin I agree with Owen. Then I would say it's a tie between copy and schedule. Content trumps the other two in the poll.
    September 19, 2019 - 1 likes this - Report
  • Joe Corbett
    Joe Corbett Focus on the copy first. The core should be What does the business does better or different than their competitors. Dump the cliches and focus on the Unique aspect. Does it create results, does it have a realistic call to action? Does it connect with the target consumer? The statement we don't want to hear is..." I tried radio advertising and it didn't work". Done right the first time and you won't.
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  • The Radio Ad Writer
    The Radio Ad Writer Actually Joe, for results, nobody cares about the "USP" or what the business does better/different. The business might want to hear that, because it strokes their own egos, but the customers really don't care a lick. Effective copy (note: not "award winning" or "really clever" but EFFECTIVE) starts and ends with answering the potential customer's burning question: "What's in it for me?" Maybe it's insane price savings if they're watching their budget. Maybe it's answering a need they have right at that moment. Maybe it's selling a very narrow target audience on something very exclusive. Doesn't matter - they just want to know why they should care enough to take action. 10 cents a pound off grapes doesn't matter a lick. Nobody is going to switch their normal shopping habits to save 10 cents a pound. Selling them FOR 10 cents a pound will have an effect. (And likely and empty grape section.) You gotta give the listener a reason to care, or the rest won't matter.
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  • TJ Hower
    TJ Hower It's a trick question...the reality is that ALL of these elements are important. The radio commercial is a complete "package" that has to include compelling copy, voiced by a professional (on quality equipment) and produced by someone who knows exactly what they're doing behind their DAW. I had this exact conversation this week with some colleagues in creative services at the corporate level. Think of an effective radio spot as a 3-legged stool (that you can sit on). Representing the 3 legs are: 1. Compelling copy......2. Quality voiceover...........3. Quality production. If any of these legs is short or missing (meaning there is a deficiency in any of these 3 key areas), the stool will not support the weight of whatever's placed on it (i.e. the trust and/or relationship between the client and your station/sales rep)...which will eventually fall off...much like your sales numbers when the campaign doesn't work (because there was a deficiency in one of these key areas). You could also add a 4th leg if you consider the reach & frequency of your schedule (assuming it's on the correct station targeting the correct audience).