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What's the most important part of a successful RADIO ad?

All of these tasks should be carried out by industry professionals. Once you have chosen please tell everyone why.
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  • The Radio Ad Writer
    The Radio Ad Writer While bad voicing and poor production can hurt a good script ... a good script can still succeed in spite of those shortcomings. A good message, voiced terribly and produced badly, can still be effective.
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  • Owen Godenzi
    Owen Godenzi I believe that you forgot the correct campaign schedule. Little bit of chicken and the egg thinking going on here, it you need all three of these above to produce a successful commercial. Either of these elements can take you from Hero to Zero.
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  • John Glavin
    John Glavin I agree with Owen. Then I would say it's a tie between copy and schedule. Content trumps the other two in the poll.
  • Joe Corbett
    Joe Corbett Focus on the copy first. The core should be What does the business does better or different than their competitors. Dump the cliches and focus on the Unique aspect. Does it create results, does it have a realistic call to action? Does it connect with the target consumer? The statement we don't want to hear is..." I tried radio advertising and it didn't work". Done right the first time and you won't.
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