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What's the most important part of a successful RADIO ad?

All of these tasks should be carried out by industry professionals. Once you have chosen please tell everyone why.
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  • Joe Laber
    Joe Laber Rebecca, THANKS!
    May 14
  • Roger G.
    Roger G. A Radio ad that's successful for the client has to start with a good script--a script that makes the client's product or service compelling to the listener. If the script isn't selling the client effectively, even the best production and voiceover work can't make a silk purse from a pig's ear. The production and the voicing are the delivery systems of the copy and can certainly make its message more effective. But the script--the quality of the copy writing--is by far the most important part in making the client's radio ad a success.
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  • The Radio Ad Writer
    The Radio Ad Writer While bad voicing and poor production can hurt a good script ... a good script can still succeed in spite of those shortcomings. A good message, voiced terribly and produced badly, can still be effective.
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  • Owen Godenzi
    Owen Godenzi I believe that you forgot the correct campaign schedule. Little bit of chicken and the egg thinking going on here, it you need all three of these above to produce a successful commercial. Either of these elements can take you from Hero to Zero.