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Crafting a New Kind of Sponsorship Package

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    August 24, 2016 6:38 AM PDT

    I am new to Radio Sales Cafe and looking forward to connecting with everyone! Full disclosure, I am the Founder of Wavve and we partner with radio shows to improve listener engagement. I am not here to give a sales pitch!  I am hoping to get feedback on how we can craft a sponsorship package that radio biz teams can sell (if their Station uses Wavve). I was in software sales for 5 years but new to radio sales. 

    Background:  Wavve lets radio shows create a Channel where listeners post 60-second voice clips to talk with hosts/listeners as a community. Imagine a cross between Twitter and a verbal message board just for radio shows. Listeners and hosts can post audio via our mobile app or directly on the radio show's website. It makes for great on-air content. Here is an article from Inside Radio if you want to learn more.

    Hosts, producers, & listeners love using Wavve. However, we think that when Wavve is a part of the show it opens the opportunity to sell a sponsorship. Any ideas on how a package could be crafted around the use of Wavve?

    Here are our ideas so far:

    Each time a Wavve submission is played on-air, it's an opportunity for a live-read.

    Our Wavve embed for radio station's website opens the opportunity for a digital ad spot

    A sponsor could upload a short audio clip to Wavve where we feature it for a specific time period and share it on social media.

    We send a weekly digest email (per Channel) which could be branded for a sponsor

    Does this make sense? Do you think this type of package would be appealing to sponsors?  Would love to hear thoughts/feedback from the community.