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What Businesses Are You Targeting for Mother's Day Advertising?

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    April 20, 2017 11:04 PM PDT

    I recently came across this Inside Radio article, Best Ways to Go Beyond the Typical Mother's Day Advertisers, in which the writer notes, "When looking for advertisers to sponsor Mother’s Day promotions, or just to be able to have their message heard on the air, the list could expand to include the following: salons and spas; restaurants; boutiques; home & garden centers; tanning/nail salons; bed & breakfasts; movie theaters; fitness centers and gyms; concerts and shows; grocery stores; resorts; water parks; shopping centers and malls; embroidery shops; and candy or ice cream shops."

    This made me wonder:

    What business categories do you sell Mother's Day advertising to? What Mother's Day promotions are you planning this year?

    Thanks in advance for sharing!

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    April 21, 2017 10:14 AM PDT

    I'm trying to figure that out myself. We go to the same "box" of advertisers all year long and need to spread out and pick from different trees. We have a great package of prizes to give away this year - including a night's stay and carriage ride form a local hotel/casino as well as dinners, etc. 


    However, I want to get some advrtisers to "buy in" to the package with some cash as well as mabe donating  a prize. 

    It just seems like we can't "engage" with businesses recently like we used to. Everybody seems to be like a groundhog....waiting aroung in their hole until they see their shadow. 

    We are a market exclusive station for a MLB team and tried to put together a Day Trip with tour bus and box seat tickets for just a bit over cost and couldn't fill a 54 seat bus. I'm discouraged but have to forge ahead. 

    Any thoughts......

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    April 21, 2017 10:23 AM PDT

    Hi Rebecca! After reading your post, one idea that popped into mind is a promotion that a local spa did for Father's Day a few years back that could easily be turned into a Mother's Day promotion. The spa offered the prize of a deluxe massage (and maybe a sports pedicure too) and posted the contest on their Facebook page. To enter, people had to nominate their dads and write a short essay about why he deserved a massage. The reason this sticks in my memory is because I nominated my dad, and he won! :) Perhaps there would be a local spa or an individual massage therapist that would want to do something like this with your station? And maybe they could extend an additional discount or offer for a daughter who wanted to accompany the mom who wins the prize?

    I'll plan on featuring this discussion thread on our social media pages this week, and running it again in the newsletter next week - hopefully there'll be some good ideas generated that everyone can benefit from!