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Friday Poll: What is Your Follow-up Procedure?

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    October 6, 2017 12:06 AM PDT

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    This week's poll question was inspired by a sales tip from marketing consultant John R. Graham, who noted, "It's always a good idea to schedule 'check-ups' after a sale is made." Click here to read the full tip, which appeared in the August 23, 2017, edition of Radio Sales Today (and click here to subscribe to this free, information-packed newsletter).

    So for this week's poll question, we'd like to know:

    How do you follow up with your customers after they've purchased an advertising schedule? How do you service the account after the sale?

    Looking forward to reading your replies!

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    October 6, 2017 1:04 PM PDT

    This is where we fail.  I had a Billboard Rep who sold me billboards one year.  Every month she would come in and ask "want to change anything"?  I was busy.  I said "No".  At the end of 12 months of this, I did not renew, telling her I wanted to try something else.  After she left I remembered seeing this on sales reports so many times when a non-renewal happened.  THAT is when we built our CRM system (  
    In MY perfect world follow up works this way:  Every two weeks a rep shows up with four new ads, ready to go and runs two ads first week and two ads second week and then they are back with new ideas.  Sound tough?  I am betting we all have an ad on one of our stations that has been running the same copy for a year... maybe more.  

    Rolando's Rule #1:  There is NO SUCH THING as a social call.
    Rolando's Rule #2:  No, they don't know what they want to run next.  YOU SHOULD
    Rolando's Rule #3:  Stop texting, stop emailing customers and prospects (and all of YOUR customers are everyone else's prospects).  Get your butt in the door with a new idea every two weeks without fail!
    Rolando's Rule #4:  Get the client on the radio... but not voicing their ad!  Maybe just the USP or the name of the place.  Nothing more.  BUT get them on the air!
    Rolando's Rule #5:  There is NOTHING new in Radio.  No one (except some agency) cares about your fancy web page.  it is one if over 6 BILLION pages available on the web!  My sales job is simply to do the research FOR my customers.  I need to know their advantages and disadvantages over their competition and I need to be the one who creates the words to get people to go in the door.

    Or... maybe I'm wrong

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    October 9, 2017 1:40 PM PDT

    Chris, what resources do you personally find helpful (for yourself or your salespeople) for instruction in the art of copywriting?

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    October 9, 2017 3:52 PM PDT

    Rod:  being one of the old-timers in the business I have drawn from many people on Copy Writing.  I can summariΩe them in this quick video:




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    October 19, 2017 11:14 AM PDT

    Great video, Chris. ROI and message development are interdependent, and you do a great job of presenting both.