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Friday Poll: Are You Podcasting at Your Station?

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    March 1, 2018 11:47 PM PST

    "We are in the midst of a podcasting revolution," says Jon Levy in a recent  article in Forbes. 

    Podcasting is defined as "the practice of using the Internet to make digital recordings of broadcasts available for downloading to a computer or mobile device."  According to this article from Entrepreneur magazine, some 68 million Americans listen to a podcast on a monthly basis.

    Here in Pullman, the popular "Morning News with Bill and Evan" is archived at the station's website, and this podcast is regularly promoted via on-air promos, enabling interested listeners to catch a story or stories they may have missed, at their convenience on any internet-connected smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

    So, this Friday Poll Question asks: Is Your Station Doing Any Podcasting? If so, what are you podcasting, and how are you promoting it?

    Please post your answers below. Thanks!

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    March 2, 2018 6:59 AM PST

    There is only one podcast of note being done by radio in the Winnipeg market, and that's by Dave Wheeler at 92.1 CITI.  

    Personally, I host of the Sound Off Podcast - the Podcast about Broadcast. If you are in radio and you know nothing about podcast, I recommend you start with my podcast, or any of these other ones, all about our favorite subject: Broadcasting.

    Over 87 Episodes, you will find a lot of topics including radio stories, and the relationship between radio and podcast. - The first thing I would like to clarify is that radio shows that are recorded and put into podcast form are just that; a way to time shift radio. Not necessarily "podcast" in all the notoriety that you read about. The KQQQ podcast referenced is not on Itunes, Stitcher or any other traditional podcast platform; so it's not a podcast. (If you are not on iTunes - you are not podcasting) The challenge in a news talk format is that topical conversation is no longer relevant in our fast paced news cycle world - so the "on demand" component of podcast gets lost. Smart speakers are the opportunity for N/T right now, along with short form podcasts of less than 10 minutes released daily or even twice daily on all platforms. 

    Last summer before I was on a panel at the Conclave, I put together a small collection of radio related podcasts that are successful. Some are being done by morning shows, and others are sales driven.

    My company creates podcast strategies for both programming and sales departments. I find that radio isn't doing a lot of (good) long form podcasts because it takes a lot of time and commitment to do them. (Remember, there is no music and no traditional commercials, which leaves a lot of awkward time that needs to be filled with content) The advantage for radio though is having the inventory and a transmitter to promote a podcast. Radio also makes a lot of mistakes trying to sell a podcast to current clients when in fact the opportunity is to sell to a completely new set of clients and create a whole new audience. 

    If you have any questions or are considering a podcast for your station - please call me (204-414-5541) or book time and I can help get you started. It's a free consultation - My company simply creates the strategy for your station and works with you on an ongoing basis to maximize its potential. I believe there is a huge opportunity for everyone in radio - but there is no single strategy. 

    Later today I hope to have a new blog about everything I have learned in podcasting so far. (Sign up for the newsletter to stay updated)

    Sorry for giving myself a plug on all this - but I assure you that there 55+ hours of iFREE informative audio on the subject you will find either enjoyable, entertaining and informative. 


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    March 2, 2018 8:33 AM PST

    "Audio is one of the most intimate forms of media because you are constantly building your own images of the story in your mind."

    The Atlantic published an excellent piece several years ago on the subject, Inside the Podcast Brain: Why Do Audio Stories Captivate? It's a well-researched presentation on the emotional appeal of good audio content. One of the researchers quoted in the article, Paul Zak, discusses the emotional appeal of good storytelling. Another, Emma Rodero, studies how audio productions retain people’s attention. 

    "Our brain is trying to save resources and energy. We only want to give attention to something when it matters."

    You'll want to add this article to your toolkit; although written with podcasting in mind, it certainly applies to what we do for a living, audio advertising - storytelling on radio. 



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    March 2, 2018 11:30 AM PST

    Matt Cundill - thanks for taking time to share your thoughts and expertise on the subject, and for the links to more information on podcasts of interest to broadcasters. I'm looking forward to exploring them.

    RE: "If you are not on iTunes, you're not podcasting."  You point out that the Morning News audio available at KQQQ's website isn't a true podcast. Is this primarily because podcast aggregators provide the opportunity for a user to subscribe and have the audio programs "pushed" to their devices? Or are there other issues involved?

    One of the things I was thinking about recently is the idea of podcasts incorporated into a radio station's programming, possibly even a new format ("podcast radio"). Could a radio station incorporate various podcasts into its on-air programming? Undoubtedly, there would be copyright issues to iron out; e.g., the station would need to obtain the podcasters' permission to broadcast their content. But couldn't this be a win-win for stations seeking to provide new content to engage their listeners and podcasters seeking wider exposure to their material? Have you run across anyone doing this?

    Thanks again for sharing these resources, Matt.


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    March 4, 2018 1:32 PM PST

    Our station and our company does several podcasts.  Each station posts content from their morning show hosts and with our talk stations, several of the news personalities also do specialty podcasts based on their own hobbies and special interests.


    In 2017, the G.S.M.'s asked me if I would do an audio version podcast of the weekly articles that I've been writing for the past dozen years on media & marketing, so we also have that at .


    Also now on our talk stations we are adding more local shows on the weekends and they are also in podcast form. 

    Later this month when our station website is revamped, links to all on-demand content including podcasts will be on


    We use audioboom which makes out podcasts available on all major platforms.  Promotion is done online and on air. 

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    March 9, 2018 6:54 PM PST


    I love this podcast!! Thanks for sharing. I have subscribed and will listen on a regular basis. 

    Thanks for teaching a programmer sales wisdom. 




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    March 10, 2018 7:06 AM PST

    You're most welcome, Matt.  As a former programmer myself (a LONG time ago) you have a very tough job too and anything we can do to help everyone understand the industry and other members of our team will make a better radio station.