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Dentist Advertising for New Patients

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    December 4, 2018 10:21 PM PST

    Here's a postcard that came in today's mail, one of several similar pieces I've received this past year from at least two local practices, neither of which is using radio. The bulk mailing must work to some extent, but how much better would the response be if the dentist were using local radio to become personally familiar to local residents!

    What would be your take away after receiving a card like this in the mail.


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    January 11, 2019 7:57 AM PST

    Actually, my neighbors and I may never see it.  You see, I have a ranch in a community of small ranches.  All of the ranches mail is delivered to a cluster of mailboxes across the street from my house.  As a joke and designed to add humor to everyone's day, I put up a trash can with a cover and a slot and a sign that says "JUNK MAIL" affixed to the front of it.  Every month or so, I drag it over to the road where the trash man can take it's contents... for it is FULL!  Neither my neighbors nor I EVER READ JUNK MAIL.  

    Truth be told, I do scan it to see if I think I should make a sales call on them before I put it in the trash, but if I didn't sell radio, it would never get my attention.  

    This piece is a great door opener for sales reps to walk in with some stats... only 2% will see it at a HUGE cost per thousand..where as 80,000 of our listeners will hear it... at a fraction of the cost.   Here's my spec commercial... what would you change?