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Friday Poll: Ever Sold a Schedule to WalMart?

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    September 5, 2019 10:35 PM PDT

    As you may know, RSC's host, Grace Broadcast Sales, provides stations with produced campaigns (:30- and :60-second radio spots) for holidays and seasonal events throughout the year, and we love hearing our clients' success stories. Recently, Rebecca shared with me this feedback from one of her customers in Kansas, who'd just wrapped up sales for our Patriot Day (9/11 Remembrance) campaign:

    “We sold sponsorships of the Patriot Day features to a pharmacy, an HVAC business, a plumbing company, two insurance agencies, and our local Walmart. Just playing the demo for clients left some of them teary-eyed and asking, ‘Do you remember where you were that day?’ 

    We offered three different ad packages as you suggested, and very few took the lowest-priced option; most of them took the medium or high option.” 

    "...and our local Walmart."  I don't know about you, but when I read that line, I had to pause to let those words sink in.  She. Sold. WalMart.

    Now, we have two WalMarts in our small market--8 miles distant from one another--and I'm sure they're no different from the ones in your community. I can't remember the last time either of these stores spent a dime buying local radio advertising. (Yes, we hear their national/network/syndicated spots on our stations; but I'm talking about a local direct buy.) We assume they're not prospects, so we don't call on them. Are we missing an opportunity to connect them with our listeners?

    Both local WalMart stores display prominently on their walls, enlarged facsimiles of four- and five-figure checks they've written to local nonprofit organizations, demonstrating that they're willing to support financially causes they like. It seems reasonable to infer that "salespeople" from these nonprofits are asking for these donations. Is there an opportunity for radio somewhere in here?

    Anyhow, hearing this great success story made me wonder how many other stations across America are bothering to call on their local WalMarts - and if so, what success are they having? So that's our Friday Poll question this week:

    Have You Ever Sold a Schedule to WalMart (and if so, how'd you do it)?

    If you have had success selling your local WalMart (or Costco, Best Buy, or any other big box retailer), we'd love to hear about it. Please reply in the comments section below. Thanks!

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    September 6, 2019 5:46 PM PDT

    From the RSC Facebook page:

    Julie Slanaker Lekwauwa: Yes...many times. I deal directly with the store manager. They like doing back to school and Halloween. They all have local marketing funds. Costco does too and I usually get them for bush orders for the holidays.

    Brady Greenawalt: Yes. It was a lead from on-air staff who knew the local Wal-Mart manager. They were promoting their in-store grocery pickup. Sold them a remote broadcast with a radio schedule. They have local marketing funds.

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