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Looking for creative ideas for real estate campaign

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    September 11, 2020 5:16 PM PDT

    From Andrew Lohmann:

    Looking for creative ideas for real estate campaign. Working with two agents that want to become "THE" players in our market and present themselves differently than traditional real estate companies do. Anyone have campaign that stood out in the category or approached it in a new direction? Thanks much!  

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    September 13, 2020 4:15 PM PDT

    Andrew, I’ve had some success helping two different Realtors capture significant market share through individual branding. If you search RSC on “real estate”, you’ll find links to previous discussions on this topic (e.g.,, as well as a number of commercial examples from these campaigns in the archives. (Click “Commercials” in the menu bar.)

    In the case of Chuck Wendle, I developed an informational campaign, Real Estate 101, dubbing him “Pullman’s Real Estate Expert,” an audacious moniker for the newest agent in the market! But he had the education, knowledge, and experience to defend that assertion, and within a few months he began leapfrogging over the pack, from #65 in the market when he began to one of the top 3 agents here. The other top agents got to be leaders by leveraging decades of boots-on-the-ground experience to achieve their ranking; for example, one was the lady who had sold me my home in 1979, 30 years before Chud came to town. When I was pre-qualifying Chud for the campaign (he had to agree to do this with me or not do it at all), the question in the back of my mind was, “Can an effective radio campaign accelerate growth, replacing years or decades of experience to become well-known in the market?” 

    The answer turned out to be an unequivocal YES.

    Here’s Chud’s own description, in a recommendation he wrote for me:

    Within 3-4 months of the campaign kicking off, I began to see clients reaching out specifically for me, realtors upset with me because I was “stealing their clients” and most importantly increased listings and sales. In addition, I was typically introduced at Chamber events, Rotary meetings and WSU events as “Pullman’s Real Estate Expert” not by my choice but because the person doing the introduction decided to include that description on their own. The campaign was launched in about 2010 and in 2013 I was number 3 in the market and voted as Whitman County Association of Realtors “Realtor of the Year.”

    Today’s real estate market quite challenging and competitive; it is extremely difficult for a Realtor entering a new community. Rod’s expertise in marketing helped me build a brand for my business. From the creative radio campaign to his assistance with carrying the brand through all other mediums, he has helped me build a successful business.

    I highly recommend Rod to anyone that is looking to build their business.

      - Chud Wendle, Realtor® - Executive DirectorHutton Settlement, Spokane, WA

    The second case is someone who, rather than resenting Chud’s radio campaign, admired it. His brokerage had been an advertiser with us for years. Later, he was selected as agent of record to oversee a new development in town called Whispering Hills. He sold hundreds of their homes. But eventually that project dried up, as the developer sold out to a competing home builder-developer, and we needed a new direction for Chris Clark, that would build on his success with Whispering Hills but stand on his individual prowess. Over a couple cups of coffee, we talked about how we might brand him without copying the idea that had worked so well for Chud. I asked him many questions about his strengths in the business and gradually it became clear that his skill in pricing and negotiating made him a seller’s specialist. You can hear examples of his spotshere, as well. He continues to advertise with us month after month, year after year.

    Hope you find some inspiration and ideas here that you can use, Andrew.



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