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Wanted: Promotional/Copy Ideas for Nutrition Store

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    June 3, 2021 4:00 PM PDT

    From Baron Wiley:

    "Looking for promotional/copy ideas for a nutrition store called The Nutrition Factory (vitamins, supplements, etc) in a small town of 20,000."

    Thank you for your replies!

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    June 4, 2021 9:32 AM PDT

    This is one of the trickiest categories because supplement providers by law cannot suggest nor promote any specific health benefits as a direct result of the products. The products themselves are not labeled for this either, e.g., cranberry consumption reputedly improves circulation - this does not appear on ANY cranberry products or pill labeling. 

    A huge majority of people believe the supplement product they buy online, at a nutrition store or at a dollar store labeled Vitamin B Complex is the same everywhere. They are not the same. Not only may the dosage vary, the quality of the product is marginally regulated so varies a lot.  People who start with vitamins and supplements will learn or be told by someone to stick to certain labels to avoid the low-effective cheapo products. The upshot is that the nurtition store charging $14 for a quality Vitamin B Complex product looks like it's grossly overcharging -  the 'same' product is available at the grocery store for $4.99.  There is a lot of info here you can use:

    In any market each cateogory has niches - low cost provider, convenience provider, quality provider, quantity/bulk provider, et al. 

    So the strongest position for The Nuitrition Factory is the ask-us-anything expertise niche:  get your vitamins and supplements from the people who know vitamins and supplements and sell the quality products to help you improve your health.  That makes up your copy points geared to encourage listeners to look at the products they buy, compare quality/quantity - not just price (because your client will never/ever underprice Amazon or dollar stores). I would suggest the tone be a really helpful friendly approach so people who are interested in starting or already active both feel comfortable going there.

    Could they put together a 'Nutrition Minute' or 'Nutrition Makes a Difference' kind of thing (many better names, I am sure!) that highlights just one factoid or idea each - create 15+ of them (some would be seasonal)  and air them in rotation in AMD.  There are probably many products they carry that they might not typically be thought of as a resource for -   this is a chance for them to let people know how big a community resource they are.

    This is a golden opportunity tho to enhance the expertise niche with a coordinated digital campaign. Work with them on what they put on their existing website and social media and how sharing or posting on your online outlets and pushing listeners to their webiste (which radio is most exceelent at) will really grow that for them -  even a banner ad that clicks thru to their main content outlet. Do they do YouTube videos?  Do they partner with a local health food store and/or gym to co-promote? Our local greehnhouse growers here tell us the whole covid thing created a wide market for home organic growing - so work with a local grower? They need to enhance their expert image with co-involvements. Could host a healthy cooking demo or class in-store - this kind of thing creates YouTube content that is super relevant.  And organic or natural beauty products are a fast growing category right now- if they carry anything like that they can create content with demos, before/after, even testimonials.

    In short, the best way to approach The Nutrition Factory is with a combination of an on-air highly repetitive schedule to gain name recognition for all they do and interactive social media that reinforces their expertise you coordinate for them.


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    June 4, 2021 12:08 PM PDT

    From Shannon KelterVitamins that boost your immunity help keep you safe from VIRUSES and shorten the length of their stay should you catch them. Keeping track of the nutritional value from your meals is hard... but supplementing with vitamins isn't. The Nutrition factory makes it easy- go there and talk with someone for recommendations. Better health can be on your list of errands to run this week!