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Jeff Sexton's 85+ Resources for Copywriters

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    February 21, 2012 3:16 PM PST

    Jeff Sexton, one of Roy H. Williams' Wizard of Ads affiliates, has published a helpful compilation of 85+ copywriting resources

    In his introduction, Jeff writes:

    Copy­writ­ing skill usu­ally pro­gresses along 3 stages:

    Stage 1: Understanding the Mechanics — The untrained copy­writer can become expo­nen­tially bet­ter in a day’s worth of train­ing. It really is that easy. And a copy­writer that’s made that min­i­mum effort can get results, right away.  That’s why a lot of A-List copy­writ­ers will tell you that you don’t have to become a great writer to make money copywriting.

    Stage 2: Learn­ing the Psy­chol­ogy of “Sales­man­ship in Print” — Semi-decent copy­writ­ers won’t con­tinue to get bet­ter with­out at least a few month’s or a year’s worth of con­tin­ued study and prac­tice.  That’s because they’re mov­ing from the core mechan­ics and basic mind­set of copy­writ­ing, to apply­ing effec­tive sales psy­chol­ogy to their writing.

    Stage 3: Becom­ing a Seri­ous Stu­dent of Adver­tis­ing Artistry — Mov­ing from sea­soned, jour­ney­man copy­writer to true pro DOES require that you become a bet­ter writer and a bet­ter direc­tor of the “movie in the mind” of your prospect. This requires artistry above and beyond the pre­vi­ous two stages and it nat­u­rally takes a lot longer to learn.

    Why should you care?

    You’ll get bet­ter faster if you under­stand what stage you’re in and  what resources will help you the most for any given stage. That’s not to say the com­po­nents of each stage don’t over­lap or feed­back into the other stages, but that you shouldn’t spend too much time, say, try­ing to learn rhetor­i­cal flour­ishes if you haven’t mas­tered the basics of WIIFM, sub­stan­ti­a­tion and proof, etc.

    The List appears to be a work in progress, suggesting that it will become increasingly valuable as time marches on, hence, its inclusion here.

    If you find something particularly helpful to you in Jeff's list, please take a moment to share it with other RSC members.  And be sure to thank Jeff, as well!