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Make $$ Writing (Engaging) Radio Ads for Jerry Lee

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    February 5, 2019 1:32 PM PST

    As you may be aware, in late 2018 Jerry Lee's legendary WBEB-FM in Philadelphia sold to Entercom (for $57.500,000), freeing Jerry to pursue his vision of getting radio stations across America to write and air more engaging radio commercials. He's taken the helm at SPOT Q, a production company serving brands, businesses, and broadcasters across America, and is casting for exceptional commercial copywriters.

    The first step in the process (outlined in the image above) is to take the WriteToEngage webinar, using Access Code 7270, which he's offering free of charge to RSC members.

    If you've taken the webinar, we'd love to know your thoughts on it - what you learned, how it's influenced your own writing. Please reply in the comments section.

    To learn more about Jerry Lee and his pioneering efforts to improve the quality and effectiveness of local radio advertising, check the links below.

    And be sure to listen to his Mercury Award-winning radio commercial on...engaging radio commercials! It's here.






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    February 8, 2019 11:19 AM PST

    One of the principles taught in Write to Engage is that using two voices in a spot greatly increases listener engagement.

    I've been making a more deliberate effort to apply this technique in my own writing.

    For instance, these spots were written for my local jewelry store client, using only his voice in them.

    Now here are several more spots, written for the same client, using his voice and at least one other.


    What do you think? Does having additional voices make the spots more engaging as you listen?





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    August 23, 2019 4:09 PM PDT

    Hi Rod, I tried the webinar but the passcode doesn't seem to be working. The site just sits and doesn't do anything. Do you know if there's a new code?

    By the way, I'm a WSU grad and used to hear your spots all the time when I lived in Pullman. Were you responsible for Meyer's Auto Rebuild and Towing's jingle? I still remember that one word-for-word 15+ years later. 

    Thanks and take care! 


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    August 26, 2019 11:27 AM PDT

    From Rod Schwartz: Nick, forgive my delay in responding. I’ve been traveling.

    Jerry Lee changes the code from time to time. The new one is 7270. Please let me know if this does not work for you.

    Yes, I wrote the lyrics to Myers Auto Rebuild and Towing’s jingle. It’s been remarkably long-lived, and the Myers’s have shared many stories related to its stickiness, including people singing it at a wedding reception and bus loads of kids doing the same. I’m tickled that it’s one of your memories of your years at WSU. I still have the pleasure of collaborating on occasion with Glenn Johnson, who likely also made a deep impression on you.

    Look forward to hearing more about your journey from Pullman to your current place in the radiosphere.

    Thanks for taking time to reach out. Eager to know your thoughts on WritetoEngage after you’ve been through the webinar.